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She doesn’t take risks.

Ally Worthington has played it safe all through college, even fast-tracking her degree to graduate early. Now with only a few months left, she has nothing remotely fun to show for it—until her best friend and too many margaritas help her write a college bucket list that ends up resembling something out of a raunchy rom-com.

He doesn’t make promises.

As a walk-on for the university’s football team, Logan Mackenzie never imagined the NFL could be in his future. And it won’t be if the scouts see him running drills like a rookie. His roommates think getting laid will ease his stress—and before he can laugh them off, Ally’s list falls into his hands.

A perfect solution

Now the list that started as a joke checks all the right boxes. With this foolproof game-plan, ending college with a bang is a play they’ll easily win. All they have to do is follow one rule: Don’t go off list.

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