Off List

Off List

She doesn’t take risks.

Ally Worthington has played it safe all through college, even fast-tracking her degree to graduate early. Now with only a few months left, she has nothing remotely fun to show for it. That is until her best friend and too many margaritas help her write a college bucket list that ends up resembling something out of a raunchy rom-com.

He doesn’t make promises.

As a walk-on for the university’s football team, Logan Mackenzie never imagined the NFL could be in his future. And it won’t be if the scouts see him running drills like a rookie. His roommates think getting laid will ease his stress and before he can laugh them off—Ally’s list falls into his hands.

A perfect solution

Now the list that started as a joke checks all the right boxes. With this foolproof game-plan, ending college with a bang is a play they’ll easily win. All they have to do is follow one rule: Don’t go off list.

Trigger Warnings


I open the door and check, but the tiny patio is surprisingly empty. I turn to shut the door and run right into a hard chest.

Logan’s hard chest.

Our gazes lock before he grabs my arm and pulls me outside, slamming the door behind him. He closes in on me until I’m flush against the brick wall. His hand cups my jaw, raising my face to his. Then slowly, with a little pressure, his thumb moves across my bottom lip and back again.

“What’re you doing?”

“Wiping off his kiss.”

My breath catches as tingles explode inside me, all pooling between my legs. His other hand comes up and he presses his other thumb across my lips too. “You didn’t want it. Did you, Ally Cat?”

His blue eyes, intense and blazing, stay on mine. I say nothing, but I don’t stop him. I want him to erase Ben’s kiss. I want him to take it away until my lips are sore and swollen. And he does. Each hard swipe of his thumb stokes the fire burning inside me. And I want it to burn. I want it to consume me.

He tips my head more, his hot gaze studying my lips. “This mouth. It’s mine. And I don’t share.”

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