Yours to Protect

Yours to Protect

Round-the-clock protection just took on
a whole new meaning…

I’ve built a career being the “good girl” as television’s holiday movie queen. But when an old, and very explicit, voicemail I sent my ex is leaked online, I’m suddenly enemy number one. The world thinks I’m trying to break up my ex and his pop-star girlfriend and now her fans are out for blood. If I don’t want to be canceled – or killed – I need a special kind of help.

Enter Noah Jackson – my new fake-boyfriend, scandal deflector, and 24-hour protector.

After years of molding myself into the woman the public expects of me, I’m not prepared when the sexy, by-the-book bodyguard immediately sees past my perfected facade. With every pretend touch and kiss I feel more exposed than the scandal surrounding me. But I love it. I want more. And when Jackson finally sets his rules aside, the explosive heat between us burns hotter than simple lust.

Will I be his for real or am I only his to protect?

Trigger Warnings


“What the hell are you doing?”

She’s at the infinity wall, a fresh glass of wine in her hand as she gazes out at the view. She turns at the sound of my voice. She’s wearing sunglasses which might conceal her identity some, but it’s not nearly enough.



“You can’t tell I’m naked under the water.”

“You stripped down where anyone could see.”

“How do you know?”

“I installed cameras.” I point above me to the camera aimed right at the pool and to the other two on the patio.

She angles her head above me. I don’t have a good read on what she’s thinking, if she’s upset or not. Finally, the right side of her mouth quirks up. “Enjoy the view?”

Christ, this woman. She seems determined to push every one of my buttons.

“Don’t you have a swimsuit?”

“I do. But I like the feel of the water on my skin.”

And just like that I’m hard all over again. Now all I can think about is her body, slick and sleek, moving through the water. Fuck me.

“It’s daylight and there are neighbors. You aren’t fully hidden.”

She sighs as she glances around. “No one knows it’s me.”

“It doesn’t fucking matter, Autumn! Your body can still end up on the internet. And eventually, they’ll figure out it’s you. Get out of the damn pool right now and put on a swimsuit.”

I might not be able to see her eyes, but from the way her jaw tightens and her shoulders tense, I know I’ve pissed her off. I don’t care. She doesn’t say anything. But she doesn’t move either.

“I’ll come in there and get you, wildcat.”

That smirk of her returns, but I don’t think she’s amused. I think she’s interested.

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